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    Every once in a while Amazon UK pops up in my browser, and this time I found 2 or 3 Spear and Jackson backsaws in addition to the precision-named skew-back panel saws. Anyone have one of these?

    And more to the point, if I were a member of Amazon Prime, with free delivery in the US, would that free delivery benefit extend to items bought from Amazon UK? Shipping and handling is what we in South Philadelphia delicately call “quite a whack.”


    Prime does not apply to international shipping. Some items may be sold in the Amazon free global shipping program – you would need to check if that was the case for your items. There is usually a requirement for a minimum amount purchased, depending on the country (the farther away from the US, the higher the amount, it would appear).

    In my experience, the shipping costs from the UK to the US are in the range of 20$ for items weighing 5-6 lbs (a tool kit for children, in my case).

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