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    Steve Follis

    I would expect this from Ikea, or Hobby Lobby, or even WalMart.  I find it disturbing to see this ad come from one of our few real woodworking sources.  I’m suprised they don’t have plastic woodgrained panels to go with it.


    Memphis, Tennessee


    Oh boy. It says just add wood, so they remembered that It’s still in use


    What it is, is an attempt to make people think the “made” it themselves.

    John-Paul Treen

    Yeah. That’s a bit disingenuous. On the other hand, I’m not going to pile in against it too much. It’s always worth remembering that workshop time is precious. Sometimes it’s worth taking a different route.

    For instance, if you used those with a home made hardwood top – that might well be woodworking. Not shaker woodworking, not traditional cabinet making, but still woodworking, just not as much woodworking.


    I am going to make this project….wait for it……..done. It took me 5 minutes. Love the time in the shop. Just kidding. I sometimes think why should I spent hours making a dovetailed box while I can screw some mdf together and have the same box. Much cheaper, much faster, but no skill and joy at all. Ah there’s my reason.

    Paul Sellers

    I liked the concept for a desk though. Why not make the frames but make them from real wood. I can imagine mortised and tenoned frames instead of their product. It would make a pleasing design in mahogany frames with curly sycamore as the top and shelves. The only problem I see is that they wouldn’t have a product to sell. Perhaps they could have had plans on the make instead.

    Dave Riendeau

    I could see myself buying those during my university days when I had no tools and needed an inexpensive desk.



    That would make it much more interesting Paul. Will take a bit longer than 5 minutes, but skill is needed and joy will arrive. Within a few years my daughter will need a desk, but I think I wait for one of your designs.

    Gary Hodgin

    Don’t think I’d call it woodworking, but it’d be great for a college student or anyone that needs a “desk” and does a lot of moving. Just go to the BORG and get a couple of pieces of plywood and you’re ready to go. Portable, light, and if you mess up the top just go back to the BORG.


    I think the decision of what woodworking is, is up to the person that is doing the work. I’m sure that the person that did the review of the product is proud of what he created.


    Dallas, Texas


    Definitely not my cup of tea and I hate make believe furniture, Paul had a good idea though. Make it out of wood with real joinery if you like that style.



    Steve Massie, I live in the great State of Florida, US

    Steve Follis

    Johan, thanks for posting that picture, I would call that woodworkimg.

    Memphis, Tennessee

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