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    Dave C

    I’m at the end of this project, and just attached the vice.

    After attaching it (just the metal vice, haven’t started attaching jaws), but there’s a 1mm gap between the top of the back face of the vice and the bench apron.

    The gap tapers down, and the vice is flush at the bottom.

    Does this gap matter? I’ve tried undoing everything and reattaching the vice, but the gap appears when I tighten up all the screws.

    I’m using an eclipse vice, so using 2 coach screws underneath, and 2 normal screws through the back plate.


    Dave : This could be due to the apron not exactly perpendicular to the underside of the bench (including any spacers in use) or the vice back-jaw is not perpendicular to its undercarriage. Likely a little of both.

    Loosen the lag bolts/coach screws at the bottom a tiny bit so that the back-jaw can be pushed towards the apron to close the gap. Then tighten the back-jaw screws that go into the apron. Once the jaw sits tightly against the apron, tighten the lag bolts at the underside. A 1 mm gap is small and this should fix it — if not you may need to add a shim to the bottom spacer through which the lag bolts go through. If it doesn’t budge, check the apron face is flat, there are no humps on the back of the vice jaw itself etc.

    I would aim to have no gaps between the jaw and the apron even if that means some shimming on the underside. But 1mm gap may not affect anything as, in this setup, clamping pressure is applied to the metal back-jaw, not the apron.


    Dave C

    Thanks Selva, that seemed to do the trick. I added some spacers to the bottom of the vice where the lag screws attach (I used some spare washers), and this closed the gap at the top right up.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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