it's time to show some of my work

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    Hi all

    After looking at so many pics from others I thought it would be time to show some of my work. It’s certainly not in the same quality range as most of you but I am just struggling with the beginnings. Maybe I should work through the masterclasses first before I try something ‘uncharted.
    The “nexus stand” I didn’t really design myself.
    My “small knives box” is just a variation of the dovetail boxes, has no bottom.
    The wood is reclaimed firewood. I chopped,cut and planed square small boards out of ash wood. The insert in the knivesbox is beech which was an off cut from a larger block which was bought.
    No electrons were hurt in all this…

    I learned a whole lot but I feel I still need to practice much more before there won’t be any gaps.


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    Steve Follis


    Those look really nice Diego, Congratulations!! I really like that book/tablet holder, I want to make one of those for myself.

    Memphis, Tennessee



    Those look really good good! thanks for sharing!



    That’s some nice work there. My wife has just seen your knife box and said “what a good idea”. I guess I’m making a knife box at some point 😉

    Keep Calm and have a Cup of Tea



    Diego, those dovetails look tight. I love storing knives in the drawer rather than on the counter in a block. What’s next on your build list?
    Great work.

    i'd prefer to make it myself

    Greg Merritt


    Those are a couple of nice projects Diego. The joint work looks to be very well done. Thanks for sharing.

    Carlos J. Collazo


    Nice work there, Diego. They look real fine to me.

    New Jersey, U.S.A.



    Thanks all for the positive comments. However I didn’t show any details. The gaps in the joints are there, some are filled with dust from the sanding… guess that’s a nice way to cover up mistakes.
    I’ll probably redo them when my skill improves more.

    First have to build some clamps, then finally a real bench. All those were done on a wobbly workmate. Definitely not good for my back.




    Diego a really nice job on your projects, as has been mentioned nice looking dove tails.


    Steve Massie, I live in the great State of Florida, US

    Jim Allen


    Diego, Your projects are really nice! The book/music stand reminds me of the Roubo Bible stand some of us made a couple of years ago. Keep up the good work.

    Jim from the mythical State of Jefferson – Oregon side

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