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    Flemming Aaberg

    Attached are two snaps of a jig I’ve made up to plane the edges of stock to square, straight and width. It is based on Paul’s thicknesser.
    The timber comes from the big box store as 70 mm x 19 mm and I need it 60 mm and dead straight, dead square and an accurate width – they are being used as the frame of smallish cupboard doors and I have many to do.
    Basically the two sides of the jig are parallel and two inside pieces (rails) are square or level to each other other so that the plane can’t help but run the stock down to square.
    I remove a couple of mm on one side first, rip cut the other side to within a mm or so and then drop a spacer into the space between the rails which lifts the stock up sufficiently to give a finished width of 60 mm.
    The hardest part was getting things square and straight to start with and that’s where I relied heavily on the techniques Paul has been sharing. Initially I fell for the old trap of using the power router to get just the right balance between the rails – as always, I was disappointed in the result. I also hate the noise it makes. I ended up using my router plane – so much more accurate and far less stressful than the screaming machine.

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