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    Terry Gandy

    Hello everyone,

    I just joined the MasterClasses after watching Paul’s YouTube Channel. I’ve watched several hand tool woodworking channels and have found Paul to be the best – knowledgeable, VERY practical, and a good teacher. I’m retired and hope to get into some serious woodworking. As I considered expanding my power tool inventory – cabinet saw, dust collector, etc – I began to realize a few things: 1) The power equipment don’t make you a better artisan, they only make you more efficient in generating scrap. Plus you can still work when the power goes out, 2) the power tools aren’t faster because you end up potentially spending hours making jigs and fixtures to just get set up to make a simple joint. With Paul’s videos, I can make a better mortise and tenon faster, 3) Space – I think you can seriously preform hand tool cabinetry in a space 1/3 the size you need for the power tool approach, 4) Health & safety is much better – no whirring blades and saw dust floating through the shop air, 5) Cost – You can buy a lot of high quality used hand tools for the price of a cabinet saw, and finally, 6) Not to come off as a mystic, but I’m finding the old (ancient?) ways actually make you more one with the wood and, therefore, more respecting of the wood and its origins.


    Hello Terry,
    Welcome to the group!
    Paul is certainly one of the best at what he does, his methods of teaching are quite inspiring. Even if you don’t build all that he demonstrates, just watching him at work can be quite mesmerising.
    There’s a huge spectrum of skills & abilities here. From novices like myself, to accomplished experts. I’m sure you’ll gain a great deal from being a member.
    One thing we all have in common is the tendency to favour Hand Tools. Personally, I’m scared witless watching those Table Saws in action on YouTube. They rarely use any guards and push their fingers towards the spinning blade while looking into the camera! Plus, there’s the acquisition and restoration old hand tools. There’s a lot of pleasure in finding an old plane, doing it up, then using it.


    Hi Terry

    Welcome to the group! You’re in for an adventure. If you get frustrated about the stuff you’re trying to make, you just need the practice… And a bit of patience. Trying to rush things usually doesn’t help.
    Based on my learning curve, you will be able to generate a lot of firewood in the beginning. Hope you have a stove 😜

    Please do post pics about your high end firestarters, someone will usually chime in with some sound advice.

    Have fun !


    Welcome to the cult… I mean club :). I think Paul would fully agree that handtools get you closer to wood. I know I much prefer the time with hand tools, then using the power tools/machines for wood working though they still come in hand things.

    Small space is requirement is a very real bonus. When it gets to chill to work in my outdoor shop, I have a very nice 30″x20″ bench with matching “dead man” that I can do any thing I use my full bench for.

    Tuscloosa, Alabama
    Lung T'an Hu Huesh Kung-fu Woodshop

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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