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    I just read Paul’s blog where he mentioned his concern about not seeing any/many kids and women at the show.  So I thought I’d post this picture to cheer Paul up a bit.  Our neighbors took out their redwood deck and I saved some of the boards to make some outside play stuff for our kids.  My daughter decided she wanted an outdoor kitchen play set since she and our neighbors kids are always cooking up concoctions and making dishes out of anything they can get out of the yard – mud, leaves, berries, etc.  Here is picture of my 9 year old daughter going to town on the kitchen set with a good’ol Millers Falls #9.  She helped me design and build the kitchen and really loved using the planes.  She also loves using the plane shavings for making her concoctions.  She especially likes using long plane shavings for noodles.  Now the kids have something fun to play with and lots of storage area for all of their creations.

    John Poutier

    Great job Makana!  Looks as though it could also be used for gardening pots and tools!

    Yorktown, Virginia


    Lol – my daughter (13) is all over me about dovetail boxes already! She has several gifts lined up. Need to make chopsticks to Paul – any ideas? 😉

    Michael Petre

    Not Paul but essentially all the decent quality chopsticks I have seem to have been riven from wood, planed to shape, carved/decorated then finished. The riving would make sense as they do need to remain straight  and they have to resist mostly lateral stresses (holding food, cutting fish or meat, …) at the thinnest point.

    You could probably get away with making a work holding device of sorts by cutting a rising v-shaped groove in a block of waste wood.


    Thats cool to see> I have two girls 3 and 1 1/2 an my three year old has created her workshop were she pretends to do what daddy does. She also love to come in and help hold things for me and gives me great compliments like “oh thats awesome” lol. She recently asked if she could help make something so I thought why not a spoon. I helped her carve out guding her with my hands. This is something I could not have done if it werent for learning hand tool aprroaches. These are memeries I will rememberfarmore than anythig great I will ever build.

    "the heart of a craftsman lies within his hands"


    This is a great topic

    My four year old loves to come out in the garage and woodwork with me. What other things have you built with your kids and what other projects would be good to get the kids started with?


    Play kitchen, Spoons,  Spatulas/butter knife…

    Dallas, Texas



    My 5 year old son loves to make swords, daggers, knives ….. basically any type of weapon.  Also small cars, trucks, and air planes.   Pretty simple & fast to turn a small scrap of 2×4 into a little sword – complete with a duct taped handle.  My son was going through so much duct tape I finally just got him his own roll and let him pick out the color.  The kids have also developed a love of whittling so they have their own shop knives for that now as well.  I’d much rather watch them whittle than play video games.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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