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    Martin Hawkins

    Hi all. has anyone got advice for lighting up a small brick shed. I’m in the uk and now the dark nights are here I’m struggling with the two lights I’ve got. I have a led light in the ceiling and a reading lamp that I have pointing over the work bench. I struggle with my shadow casting over my work. if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this that would be great

    Colin Scowen

    Depending on how many mains sockets you have around you, and how much you move around, and how you have the shed laid out, you could consider a couple of those LED inspection lights that car mechanics use. Or you could build a litle mounting piece for a few more LED spots that you could mount away from directly overhead of teh workbench, or closer to the bench. Or invest in a few of the LED strip light kits that have all the parts you need (strips, switches, transformer etc).
    What colour are the walls? I found the general lighting improved in my small workshop when I put up a load of polystyrene insulation.
    I also have a cap with LED’s in that I picked up in a Bunnings in Rotherham a few years ago. This is very useful in that it lights exactly the area that I am working, doesn’t move around on my head like some of the cheap head lights that you can get, helps keep me warm, and lights the way and keeps the rain off my glasses when I walk back to the house.
    If you know a sparky, you could ask him to keep an eye out in case anyone is replacing strip lights, and ask him to install them in your shed in exchange for a few pieces of woodwork.

    Colin, Czech Rep.

    Kevin O’Connor
    Participant I bought these LED lights on Amazon to light a 14’x14′ workshop. They are brilliant (pun intended). They are very light (another pun), easy to install and reasonably priced. They daisy chain together or you could have each one powered independently. They come with all the wires and fixtures to install them. I bought these on The USA Amazon site but if you could find something similar in the UK I think they would suit your needs. I bought the six pack of 4′ lights but they come in various lengths and pack sizes. I’ve tried to attach a couple of pics. Not sure if it will work.

    Roberto Fischer

    I have a white wall behind my workbench. I have a lamp on the bench pointing to that wall so I get diffuse light, which is 1000x better than just direct light.

    I was planning on adding LED tube lights on the ceiling but won’t be doing that anymore. My only problem is the space the lamp takes but it’s fine for now. I’ll think of getting a more permanent solution with a fixed spot light on that wall in the future.

    Martin Hawkins

    thanks guys for your reply’s its much appreciated i think I’m gonna give the led tube lights a go


    i really like that idea roberto , i have a 2 bulb 4 ft. light over my bench and have been overwhelmed with the glare. I recently got a 3 ft 1 bulb tube light and the glare is considerable diminished ,, I am going to rearrange out as you did now and see how that goes. thanks for the insight .

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