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    Nice little article about this on Paul’s blog.

    Michael Petre

    As Titebond liquid hide glue is not officially imported in Germany, the prices are ludicrous… around 15 euro for an 8oz bottle with shipping from eBay, way more in the rare local shops carrying it.

    In the end, for the price on an 8oz bottle, I went hot hide glue instead and I am extremely satisfied with the results. If you use less than a cup of hot glue a day, a baby bottle warmer makes a perfect glue warmer for a fraction of the price of a real glue pot (hit thrift stores or eBay to get one for less than $5). One kilo of 240 bloomgram hide glue is just 9 euro in the local craft shops.

    As indicated on Paul’s blog, the only downside I have found is the initial soaking time and it’s not such a big deal to me.


    I have tried hot glue myself recently, also using a baby bottle heater (Reer 3495 from ama*on for about 7 euros I believe). I’ve tried some hammer veneering with bone glue (also about 7 euros per kg). I still need some practicing with that, but the first results look half decent already. It’s not a big investment and it is not complicated.

    I keep the glue in a jam glas with a lid on it on my shelf when not in use (the jam glas fits into the bottle heater nicely). I have heard somewhere that the glue might start to rot and that some folks hence keep it in the fridge, but I haven’t encountered that problem yet.

    I gave the glue its initial soaking over night, same as with shellac, and that works fine. The glue has a distinctive odor, which I find OK, but it does keep the wife away from the workshop.


    Interesting aspect of the glue, Björn 😉 I also kept it in a jam glass and just put it on the central heating for some time before using it. It does mould if you store it exposed to the air without the water content being reduced.

    I enjoy working wood in Germany.

    Mark Armstrong

    I think I will give that Tite bond a go.

    Dagenham, Essex, England


    I used it for the first time a couple of days ago on some edge banding. I really, really liked it. It won’t replace my usual PVA glue most of the time, but for areas where I need a longer open time or where I want a reversible glue joint I’ll stick with it (!).

    I also mentioned it in a video I made today and stuck on youtube. I won’t link it here so as to not hijack the thread and because it was more about spokeshaves than glue, but if you search for “Veritas spokeshave hide glue” it should appear at the top of the page.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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