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    Peter Kane

    I have been interested in woodworking for some time now but find passion hampered by a lack of space.

    After some hours of searching I have been unable to find a list of local clubs/groups in my area (Bedworth). I would have thought that with so many people passionate about the craft that there would be lot of like minded people wanting to get together, working in a communal area (a school with a workshop perhaps) sharing techniques and experience over a cup of tea maybe.

    If such a list is on-line somewhere maybe someone would be kind enough to point me in the right direction. If not then would it be possible to start one, maybe those who are members of woodworking clubs could list them. They do not have to be in my area, it would be nice to start a resource for others searching.

    Paul Rowell

    I realise that the original post was two years ago… but did you discover any woodworking clubs in the Coventry area. I would love to meet with other hand tool/unplugged enthusiasts to share and learn together.



    I looked into the possibility of hiring workshop space, or a corner of a workshop or barn, already being used by half-a-dozen others. The costs are ridiculously high.
    They don’t want sawdust in the air if they’re painting or finishing. They don’t want noise if they need a quiet space. Agents want full-time businesses only. Certainly not part-time, amateur, weekend enthusiasts.

    Everything today is run as a get-rich-quick enterprise. Schools are certainly not interested in accommodating woodworkers for the sake of promoting learning & creativity. They don’t do that for their own pupils.
    Then there’s the ‘Duty of care’, ‘ Health & safety’, ‘Security’ issues, plus overheads; heating, lighting…

    I couldn’t even get a woodyard to supply anything more than warped pine. plywood was alien to them. Paul Sellers was dismissed by his old supplier too!
    What chance do WE have?

    Michael Walsh

    Have you tried Mens Sheds.

    Find a Shed

    They are a charity which sets up working spaces for people to get together to work in different areas i.e woodwork, metalwork, car mechanics.
    They have a good search facility on the website.


    Ooh, no, I’ve not heard of them.
    Thank-you, I’ll look ’em up now. 😁

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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