Magnifying Lens for saw sharpening

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    Bill Wonneberger

    At 57 I’m happy to say I can still read a newspaper unaided, but when I tried to sharpen my Diston 10 point cross cut saw this morning, the blurr of teeth was a problem. Anyone have any suggestions on a good product along the jeweler’s head visor line that might resolve this issue?


    Haven’t used one myself, Bill but this site carries a very large selection of visors, lamps and other magnifying tools; prices seem reasonable too.

    Maybe someone else has direct experience with something that has worked well for them?

    Bill Wonneberger

    I was looking at this one
    I like the idea of a light, and the reviews can be helpful. I think I’ll still wait a little longer to see if anyone has additional input.
    Thanks for your responses!


    Eddy Flynn

    hi bill i bought this one and i’m not happy with it unless you have your nose resting on the saw vice its not much use imho

    head Magnif Glass with LED Light Magnifier Hands Free… (350546693546)

    Eddy .. Liverpool, Merseyside, UK

    Greg Merritt

    I use cheap drug store reading glasses. They give me just enough magnification so that I can see what I’m doing but are inexpensive to replace if something happens to them.


    I use a clip on light to a broom handle. One end drilled through 6mm use a bolt plus spacing washer and mount horizontally UNDER a shelf above worktop. This onsomblay can be swivelled out of way or over work.

    Then I use strongest £6.00 chemist classes, I have a pair of 3 times magnification, sit on my pine stool (claimed from the dump) and work on my Disston saws with ease.

    Best John

    Bill Wonneberger

    I ended up buying the Carson. It works well for me and I’m pleased with the purchase. Thank you one and all for your assistance!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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