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    John Moore

    I made my Dad a hiking stick from mahogany. He is a very active. I don’t know if he will use it on his walks (we live in flat Florida), but he really enjoyed receiving it and loves the beauty of the wood.

    It is 59″ tall with the hand rest 15″ from the top. This 3 inches taller than mine I made out of hickory, but Dad is over 6 foot tall. It fits him good.

    I gave it two coats of shellac, followed by three coats of poly.

    A friend saw his and announced that he wants one too. I will be making his soon.

    PS. It was his Christmas gift, that is why the pretty bow is on it.LOL

    Lakeland, Florida USA

    Greg Merritt

    More good work John! That is a very nice walking staff. Well done.


    Nice, John. I have some mahogany saved for when I make my first cane. Did you use rasps for the twist? I have a 4 in hand nicholson and no other rasps right now. I hope my rasp will work. Hand cut rasps are ver pricey.

    i'd prefer to make it myself


    Great work. The finish looks really nice.

    David Gill

    Nice job John the twists are very neat and uniform , you have turned out a lot of very nice projects.

    Denise I do not know what the Nicholson rasp is like but a Bahco 1/2 round rasp (£12)will do a good job of roughing out the twists but does leave a very rough finish that will want smoothing out with a smoother rasp or file. My daughter has bought me a Liogier 1/2 round hand stiched rasp for Christmas but it has not arrived as yet, I am hoping that it will remove material fast and leave a good finish.

    Wigan, Lancs. England :

    Mark Armstrong

    John I’m going to change you name to John the Stick.
    You have done some excellent versions of the canes and walking sticks. Well done. 😉

    Dagenham, Essex, England

    Greg Merritt

    Denise, I did my cane with just a 4 in hand and it worked fine. Just takes a little more time. My cane is no where near as nice as John’s though.

    John Moore

    I am in awe at some of the nice comments. Thank you for the encouragement!

    Denise, the twist was done with a 1/2 round rasp(NOT hand stitch), then a 1/2 round file, then a very thin card scraper, and lastly 220 wrapped around a glue bottle. In my opinion, I think you can go wild with even the roughest rasp, then clean up lightly with file, then spend time with thin card scraper the most. That thin scraper works wonders on removing the marks left by the rasp/file (on hardwoods).

    As far as the uniformity, I lay a protractor out on my bench at 30º and match the rasp stroke to it. I normally move over one width of the rasp, cut a new stroke, then a third time before turning the stick in the vice.

    Hope this helps, just have fun. Make canes and sticks, then post photos.

    Lakeland, Florida USA


    I’m a bit late on this one. Great work John, it looks amazing. 😉

    Steve Follis

    It looks good John, very nice work! I bet your dad was excited to get it since you made it for him.

    Memphis, Tennessee


    Very nice John, beautiful twist detailing!

    New Brunswick, Canada

    david o’sullivan

    nice job john .i agree a thin scraper works very well for finishing up

    "we can learn what to do, by doing" Aristotle


    Very beautiful stick John) Thanks for posting)))

    Toronto, Canada

    John Moore

    Thanks for the kind comments. I appreciate it.

    Lakeland, Florida USA


    I really like the handle of this.

    Lincolnshire, England

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