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    Having been offline for a few months due to ill health, it’s wonderful to see how membership here has made great strides as numbers have grown by quite an amount.  Something close to 1,000 new members over the past 3 months and confirmation – IMHO – that good teaching and genuine enthusiasm among fellow like-minded crafters enhances the uptake of hand crafting skills. 🙂


    Nice to see you back, Gary.

    I used to have do dig in many places on the internet to find hand tool techniques, but here I find that Paul is not only showing me most of what I need to know, but also at the pace and level of detail a new woodworker like me needs. I really do not find it necessary to spend too much time on the net now, which can translate into more time in the shop.

    Happy WW’ing.

    -Scott Los Angeles


    Thank you Scott and it’s good to be back 🙂

    I agree and think Paul and his team are doing one heck of a good job re introducing and guiding newcomers through crafting techniques.  Paul is a darned sight better at explaining craft procedure than I ever could be and this is especially where he shines, as he has an excellent teaching manner and technique.  I’ve always shied from public speaking and/or demonstrating and in spite of having taught a number of apprentices over the years, I’d not have the confidence to do what he does and do it as well.

    Kudos to Paul on all counts.

    John Poutier

    Welcome back Gary.  Quite a few folks were wondering what happened.  Your insights were always a great addition to Paul’s teachings and have been missed.  I certainly hope you stay well.



    Yorktown, Virginia


    Good to have you back Gary.

    Lopik - Netherlands


    Thank you John and Juryaan.  It’s good to be back and I’ll remain for as long as possible.






    Steve Follis

    Welcome back Gary, I hope you are staying well.

    Memphis, Tennessee


    Thank you Stephen. 🙂  It’s good to be back and I’m hoping I can return to my old pace once I’m back to fitness. 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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