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    I have a Goodell Manufacturer Mitre box and saw. It’s a beautiful box and saw and it cleaned up great. It has all of its pieces and everything moves nicely.

    I have taken Pauls advice on saw sharpening my other saws and have stuck mostly to a rip cut. I’m still new at this but my rip cut sharpening has gotten better and my saws actually cut!

    Can I sharpen this big 26 inch mitre saw rip cut?

    Ronald Kowalewski

    I have 4 of those bad boys, and i have sharpened all of them to a rip cut. Im not a collector/ i have one box at the school where i teach and 1 in my personal shop. 2 Saws for each. One is always ready to go , when i have to sharpen the other. These saws are great, and not just for the miter box, long dados, skinny grooves. I do have one that is giving me a lil trouble, i think i need to increase the set a lil bit, it gets stuck sometimes even in thin stock.. Any other ideas from the hive???

    Protect the line.


    Thanks! Use it for long dados… I like that idea.

    Since we are talking about sharpening, depending on where you go online you get different opinions. I’d like b to know what you guys say.

    What size of file for what size of saw and number of teeth? I bought a roll of bahco with the popular sizes.

    Thomas Brown

    I think the general rule for sawfile sizes is that when the file rests in between the saw teeth, the cutting face should be roughly double the height of the tooth it is filing.


    I used a 5 inch 2xslim I think it was. Double the height. Anyway I got it sharp or sharp enough to cut anyways lol. I need more practice but it cuts. Do I need to tilt the file forward any for a rip cut? I kept it all level.

    It does cut BUT…. as Ronald said for his, it binds. It’ll cut great until I guess it’s deep enough to get pinched.

    I also sharpened my two back saws. Small one for dovetails and the bigger is called a tenon saw? The dovetail saw cuts beautifully, but the tenon one binds some too. I’m cutting red oak. Before I would just mess around on pine but I have my first real project underway.

    Anyways, the veritas dovetail saw had some online info on maintenance and they said they use the 42x sawset. After some searching I found it was desirable so I got one with new springs.

    Back to my saw, I understand how the set works but how much do you set the teeth? On what mark do I need to set my sawset?

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