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    Korneel Valcke


    For the project I’m currently working on (a small bird house, I would like
    to use a mitred rebate.
    There are plenty of sites where I can find how to do it with a table saw
    but not with hand tools.

    Can anyone help me with the steps to make this joint using hand tools?

    Best regards,


    Bruges, Belgium

    Salko Safic

    There are several ways you can do this; saw, chisel, rabbet plane, shoulder plane.

    Is the rebate on the roof or the panel. If it’s on the roof then make one as you would normally along the edge but if it’s along the panel then cut a 45 to fit not internally but externally to be flush but i wouldn’t do it that way as the end grain is ecposed and aesthetically doesnt look good and then rebate along the edge as you normally would. Nothing changes in operation only the angle cut.
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    I think I’d do it the other way round. Start with the rebate and plane/chisel a 45 on the narrowed section. If you gauged for the thickness of the rebate you can use that same setting on the end of the piece to mark the 45. Then use that same gauge setting registered against the end of the mating piece and the outside face to mark out for the 45; cut away that section square, then using a rebate plane or chisel take off the corner to make the mating 45.


    Southampton, UK

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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