Modify Pauls original work bench.

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    I built Paul’s original work bench 3 years ago. But I like this new work bench with the well to the back of the bench. The problem is that the top’s are glued to the skirts. Would sawing down the glue joint be possible?

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    SmokyRick Crawford


    I would think you might want to saw next to the glue joint, then use a scrub plane to take the glue line out. Maybe someone else will join in and say something else …

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    Thomas Bittner


    Interesting that you prefer the well in the back. What problems did you encounter with the well in the middle? Seems to me it would be best to saw down the glue line. Your going to have to resurface all sides anyway. I really dont think it matters much as the glue bond is as strong as the wood and your only changing the dimension by a saw kerf.



    Well I didn’t saw down the glue line. I sawed 1 and a half inch above the glue line. Since the glue becomes stronger than the wood and I just recently sharpened my saws, didn’t want to take a chance a ruin the blade.It worked out well and I’m enjoying the wider work area.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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