Molasses rust remover

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    We’ve all spent a lot of time cleaning rust off beloved tools. Here’s something intriguing I ran across on-line last night: Using molasses (that’s right) as a ‘green’ rust remover for steel. Skip the electrolysis and harsh chemicals and hours of wire brushing and sandpaper.

    Ordinary edible molasses that you by at the grocery store mixed with water. 9 parts of water to 1 part molasses mixed in a suitable container for soaking rusted tools and parts appears to be the very efficient way to go. I will be trying this soon and would appreciate your feedback if you try this as well.

    This link is to one of the sites I recommend: or go to YouTube and type in Molasses.

    On the video the guy says it smells awful but other videos say it doesn’t. This process is for steel not for copper or nickle items. Nothing was said about cast iron but I will experiment with that too.

    Joe Bouza

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