More haste, less speed

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    Colin Scowen

    Working on a box, similar to the keepsake box, where I will assemble the base, lid and sides as one piece and then cut away the lid. I was laying out the dovetails with calipers (just to try it), ended up with a nice balanced set of tails, which I went ahead and cut. BUT, when I come to plough the grooves for the base and the lid, I find that I did not leave wide enough pins to take the groove, so I moved it up/down to the root of the tails. Now, as you can probably guess, that has led to some damaged tails.
    So, for all the ‘joie de vivre’ of cutting dovetails, I am now left with 8 tails of remedial work, which will probably take longer to do than the original layout and cutting. Hey ho, we live and learn.
    Does anyone else have similar stories where more haste ends up as less speed?

    Colin, Czech Rep.

    Sven-Olof Jansson

    Another route, but the same end.

    Tried to rebate the top of the box for an also rebated top surface, just to have that top piece thinner. It was quicker to have the piece in front vice when chiselling and of course the half pins broke.

    Split-off half pin

    Sven-Olof Jansson
    London, UK; Boston, MA

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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