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    I’ve made a couple of hanging shelves, but this is my first real piece of furniture. I found a bunch of poplar 1/2’s hiding under a set of rolling shelves in my garage. They’d been there at least 15 years, and I don’t remember why I bought them. Wanted to make use of them and decided to build a bedside table as a learning project.

    The carcass frame is made of the old poplar, the top and drawers new poplar, and the carcass sides made of birch ply.

    Finished in Minwax “Golden Oak” stain, and finishing wax.

    I really wasn’t expecting it to come out this nice; I was concerned about the blotchy nature of stained poplar.

    In retrospect, the drawers are very deep, maybe too deep. There’s lots of storage. I don’t think I can find enough things to fill them!

    David Allison

    Cracking job, I wish my first dovetails looked as good as that!
    All your mortice and tenons look spot on. Well done.
    Cheers David

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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