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    Making a guitar has always been on my list of things I would like to make some day. An old friend from school who still plays suggested I make a cigar box guitar. Did a little research and got to work. Here are the results. I have not put any pickups in it yet, but it sounds nice as an acoustic. Cherry with a maple neck. The fret board, I thought was cherry, but might be birch. Should know in a few months if it starts darkening. There is a sliver of Walnut on the top and bottom. This is a gift for my younger brother, who also still plays.

    Matt McGrane

    Pretty cool, Troop. A four string guitar that you can open up and store thing in! The fret area sure looks like cherry to me. I’m sure you learned a lot and maybe this will put you on the road to more serious guitar building. Nicely done.

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    Greg Merritt

    Yep, this is just plain cool! Very well done.

    Do a YouTube search for “Seasick Steve”. He plays cigar box guitars and several other “homemade” type guitars.



    I love it. Perhaps I should start building a dovetailed boat for practice.


    Salko Safic

    Box guitars are fantastic and so is yours

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    Thanks folks. I wish I could play it. I like the bluesy sounds these can make when amplified.

    And yes I learned quite a bit with the build.


    Great looking box there! I hope your brother puts up a video of it being played so we can get the full experience.

    I made myself a ukelele out of a cigar box and matching three-string guitars for my son and myself. That is actually what led me to discovering Paul Sellers’ youtube channel and then the book and website. The nice thing about building them is that you can customize them. Can’t read music? build a three stringer and tune it to an open chord (that’s what I did). Want to play slide? Just make the action high and don’t bother with frets. There is so much free info out there online the sky is the limit. As an example, here is a banjo plan from an 1870 newspaper: Uncle Enos Banjo Plan .

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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