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    Ecky H

    Thank you for your detailed descriptions – not only the progress, but also – and in my humble opinion more important – the difficulties you ran into. It is very helpful, in particular that you mentioned the amount of loss in thickness. So I came to the conclusion that I’ve bought not enough wood for my bench…

    Fingers crossed that your effort pays off.


    Veni, vidi, serravi.

    Münster, Germany

    Hugo Notti

    Hello….. Yes! It’s me – in person, the guy, who originally wondered, why some people take so long to finish their work-benches! I had a few days off and last week-end, when I got bored, I remembered this very important project, that I had sort of pushed out of my mind for a while.

    So I put two saw-horses on my balcony, dropped one of the bench-top slabs on it and attacked the legs again. Guess what: It took me about one hour to get them done. I am not sure, what was different, I didn’t plane much in the meantime, the parts were just as unflat as I left them about three months(!) ago, and I had no alien visitor pimping up my skills… I think, I was successfull for three reasons: I was relaxed, the previous frustration was forgotten and I had real good light (sunlight). Then I proceeded carefully, first checking with straight edge, winding sticks and the sole of my plane, I eye-balled the corners too, and miraculously, I understood, what to do…

    So the other two legs are laminated now, see pictures attached. The glue-lines look fine, the outside is another challenge, because the glued surfaces aren’t parallel to the outsides of course. But I have straight glue-lines for reference, and I think, I can be a bit sloppy wherever I don’t need to fit the rails. Apart from that, my legs were a bit on the large side, and now they will be quite appropriate in thickness 😀

    And now I see, that finally my “last post” has appeared as well. It has mentioned a few projects that I want to describe on this forum too, being archery from an amateur-woodworkers view. But that will appear in another thread.

    Ecky H., thanks to your post! I am happy to see, that my idea to strip naked with most of my imperfections made sense. Many people say, that you have to make your own mistakes in order to learn, some people claim, that the clever ones learn from mistakes of others. But I think, many mistakes have to be made in order to learn, but it is very helpful to see, how other people struggle with the same problems and eventually succeed (or sometimes not).


    PS: I clamped both pairs together, so the big line in the center is formed by the original bevelled corners.

    Hugo Notti

    More delay, because I am so active in other fields and I wont’t rush things again (which was probably the main cause for my trouble with the leg laminations). But I think, once again, that the hardest parts are done now. There is still the flattening of the bench-top, but I am quite used to spruce now, and flattening the underside wasn’t that hard after all. The top will be just a bit more tricky, because I want both halves level. My largest concern is to get good reference faces onto the laminated legs.

    I hope to be back with news in two weeks.