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    I’m a new member and just wanted to take a moment to say hello to everyone here. I’m also new to woodworking and Paul’s videos and blogs have been very helpful and inspiring. I look forward to sharing some of my experiences and mistakes here, as well as learning from you all.

    Thank you, Mr. Sellers, for all the work that you do to help people get a solid start in woodworking.


    Hi Jay, welcome buddy. We have a great mix of people on here, and I’m sure you will always find someone to offer help.

    Dive in ask questions and enjoy the journey. 😉

    Mark Armstrong

    Welcome Jay I second what Ken says.
    Will look forward to seeing one of your projects.
    Most of all have fun.

    Dagenham, Essex, England


    Welcome Jay to the forum!

    My information used to be sparse and disconnected before finding Paul’s program; I had little confidence because I was missing a comprehensive approach, and was overlooking the many nuances of handwork.

    Paul puts it all together quite nicely, and I no longer feel left out because I choose not to use a table saw or router table to cut my joinery. 😉

    Like Ken already stated: There are many fine people here on the forum to share info and ideas with. We look forward to your participation.

    -Scott Los Angeles

    George Bridgeman

    Welcome, Jay!

    Have fun with your first steps in the craft! It can often be a bit overwhelming but post any questions and you’ll get a supportive answer.


    "To know and not do is to not know"


    Welcome aboard Jay.

    I hope you have lots of fun as you make your first shavings.

    Keep Calm and have a Cup of Tea


    Thanks for the welcome, everyone!

    I’m currently setting up my shop in a utility room in my house (I have the challenges that come with a small shop space)… practicing my planing, collecting essential tools. I built a saw vise in the last few days based on the Lie Nielsen style vise some of you may have seen in various places online. Soon to practice saw sharpening (following Paul’s video) on a Disston saw I acquired. Finally, I hope to be building my permanent bench some time soon, based on Paul’s design and videos.

    There’s a feeling of being overwhelmed by how much there is to learn and do. I expect that will probably settle in as I continue to practice and establish a system.


    Welcome @jay and congratulations!

    You have reached a place where calm reigns and concentration in the seemingly insignificant details make a virtue of perseverance, beyond the wood craftsmanship. And above all it’s full of friendly people 😉

    Best regards from Girona, Catalonia


    With love, best regards from Catalonia.


    Welcome to WWMC Jay ( @jochs99 ) where are you from? … Robin HC

    Robin ... Richmond, Virginia, USA

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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