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    Stewart Perry

    Hello all,

    I have a Woden X130 vice, bought from Ebay some time back. It is an unusual device I believe, in that the quick-release mechanism relies on a friction-driven half-nut which engages when the handle is turned clockwise turns but disengages as the handle is turned anticlockwise. This is very convenient, but unfortunately it tends to suddenly “let go” under high load during tightening, leading to the utterance of many expletives. I have cleaned and oiled it but the situation has not improved much; I think the half-nut may be wearing, or perhaps it was never meant to provide a very high clamping force.

    I rather like the old thing and at 7″ it is a good size for my small workbench, so I’m thinking of trying to fix it by converting it to a non-quick release vice, replacing the half-nut with a conventional nut. I understand that the acme threads on vices come in many different sizes – does anyone know of a good source of information and/or replacement parts?

    Many thanks.

    Stu - Surrey, UK


    A friend of mine has a quick-release vice that began slipping in the same way. Investigation showed slight wear in the brass jaws that allowed them to slip off the screw. Unfortunately no replacement parts are available, as the company went out of business.

    My solution was to install a formed wood plank into the jaw housing that holds the jaw down to the screw. This rendered the vice direct-drive (no more quick release), but the fix is reversible if a better solution is found.


    Could you take the split nut out and weld the worn spot up ? The york vices use a split nut of sorts and one corner of theirs id rounded over to give clearance. If worn too much it slips. I took mine out and welded it up and ground it down to where it worked again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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