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    Nathan Burt


    I’m really new at this woodworking malarkey and have very limited space (10×3 shed, which I can only use around 5×3) and materials.

    One of the first things I’ve done in my shed is install a very crude moron vise into an old computer table, however, the front jaw racks like there is no tomorrow and means I can’t get a good purchase on the wood in the vise. I’ve tried to put a rod near the bottom as some kind of people brace but it doesn’t help enough.

    I’ve attached a picture. The bottom closest threaded bolt is the brace only attached at the front jaw and threads through a hole.

    The wood in the vice is about 40mm wide.

    Can anyone give any guidance?

    Many thanks


    Dear Nathan,
    You need to make a support at the bottom of the outside jaw that will give added support to stop the racking.
    You will find examples of this if you search for ‘leg vice’ images on Google to see what I mean. There is a picture that shows a support which passes through the leg of the bench – you will see there are a number of holes in it – you slip a large nail or metal rod in one of these and it will stop the vice from racking,


    Since you are tying to use a Moxon, you need to have a wedge for the bottom of the vice. It looks like you are fighting your self with that bottom bolt as it is increasing the racking no decreasing it. You could add a piar of nuts and washers to the bolt between the to jaw faces and that would counter the racking force by forcing the bottom of the jaws apart.

    Tuscloosa, Alabama
    Lung T'an Hu Huesh Kung-fu Woodshop

    Nathan Burt

    Thanks for the advice 🙂

    I’ve added a peg board to the bottom of the vice with a big nail to secure it in place.

    Since I took the picture I’ve also removed the bottom bolt and reinforced the handles with a metal strip as I kept on breaking the handles.

    It tightens much better now! Great short term fix until I short something more permanent out at least! Also, the amount of times I mispelled moxon vice in the original post

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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