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    David R.

    This is a 13 minute video from the 1980s how a Norwegian axe smith worked, refurbishing and making axe heads. I enjoyed watching it. Notably, the retired brother helps out and is just a great character. Also the smith uses a respiratory mask when grinding, which you don’t see often in older (and also current) videos. And finally the tempering technique using a hot piece of metal was noteworthy.

    – David

    from Germany

    SmokyRick Crawford

    Yes this can still be done by some of us. One of my other hobbies is blacksmithing. Here in the US we have a good organization of smiths. ABANA (the Artist Blacksmith Association of America) is a great organization and the local chapters have groups of guys just like this forum. I was a member of UMBA (the Upper Midwest Blacksmith Association) for many years till my eyes started getting too bad to see the colors as I needed to. I have never seen the separate piece of steel used for tempering like that before, very cool.

    In the middle of Northern Illinois, USA

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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