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    Hello Everyone,

    TJ here. I’m just getting started on the wall clock. I plan to follow that with the tookl tote and then the dovetail boxes. Is that the order Paul followed initially?

    I am practicing with the Record 44 plow plane before I put it to use on the project.



    Hey, TJ. Not sure if the tool tote or the dovetail boxes were first, but both came before the clock. I would suggest tackling the tote before the clock at least, if not both other projects, but if you feel confident enough and have at least a little experience, you should do just fine if you go right for the clock. Even via video, Paul is an excellent teacher.

    Charles Cleland

    Tjones… you have the order correct… Chris, I’m sorry but I’m afraid you are incorrect. I’ve been a subscriber since the beginning. The order has been clock, tote, dovetail boxes, coffee table, cutting board, and of course the current series on the tool box. Fortunately, it really doesn’t matter as Paul teaches everything required for a project in that video series. I have to admit it’s frustrated me a few times (“Alright now, enough of that, already learned it in project x, lets see something new!”) But, it seems like Paul always inserts one or two new details each time he shows a technique so it is worth watching! And of course if I were buying the projects one at a time I’m sure I would be grateful.

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    You are right Andy.


    Thanks all!!!


    No need to apologize, Andy.. 🙂 I’d rather be wrong and be corrected if it ensures that the right info is given…helping someone answer their question is what really matters.

    Having said that, I still stand by my opinion that the tool tote is best tackled before the clock…but that’s just my two cents. Having done the tote and then the clock, I can’t imagine having tried the clock first. Ugh.

    But again, that’s just me, might not be the case for someone (anyone?) else, haha…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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