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    Here’s some old film called Out of Town with Jack Hargreaves very interesting as I live in the USA. He cover some lost crafts once in a while.. He rambles along from his shop with interesting stories and saying “ ..the Lord didn’t put hair on a mans face so he could shave it off everyday “



    In case you hadn’t come across these, there are two DVD collections of Out Of Town.
    The first is 9 DVD ‘Out of Town’ (OOT) and the second is a 10 DVD set called ‘OOT – The Lost Episodes’.
    I’m sure you can still find them online if you look.

    Paul Dallender

    Blimey! That’s brought back some fond memories.
    It was broadcast by Southern Television here in the UK from early 1960’s until Southern TV ceased in 1981 and being a lad born in Portsmouth Hampshire the Southern TV region, I remember watching Jack Hargreaves enthralled, with his soft laid back presentation. It was like a grandad sitting teaching his grandchildren. Also, if I remember rightly, there was a time in the broadcast where the signature tune ‘Out of Town’ went from an instrumental to a well known song sung by a then well known performer here in the UK at the time called Max Bygraves.

    Anyhow, a bygone era and the sort of TV programme that I don’t think would be made or presented in such a way today.

    Paul - A southern lad living up north - Nr York England

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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