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    A couple of questions…

    1) will the dinensions fit a stanley and in the top? I read somewhere that the top needed to be extended to fit stanley planes

    2) If I am gluing up panels to get 12″, is there a problem with my glue line being right in the middle all of the way around? I am gluing up 6″ boards… The only other option would be to use 3-4″ boards on the sides and 2-6″ boards on the back. I don’t really want to rip my 6″ boards down to 4″ if it’s not critical. And I’ve heard glue is stronger than wood 🙂

    Anybody have thoughts?


    I’d love to help but I can’t be 100% certain that we are thinking about the same part. Do you have any pictures that might help more? I designed mine to lay the planes on their sides to have more drawer space for smaller specialty planes and other surprisingly big tools like the marking gauge, which if assembled can take up almost as much space as a couple of block planes.

    If you have to glue up panels I would personally try and get the glue line where you rip down the chest for the lid. Then it will never be on show and nobody will know. I suppose it depends if you can boards the right size. Like, maybe an 8″ board and a 4″ board for the top. Just a thought.


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    Matt McGrane

    Troy, I’ll address your second question. I recently got a book from Lost Art Press called “The Joiner and Cabinetmaker”, written in 1837 or so, about the progression of an apprentice in a cabinet shop. There was a part that addressed your exact question and the cabinet maker did want the glue line on his panels to be in different places. But I think there was a footnote (written in present day by the people who republished the book) saying that with today’s glues, this is not a concern. I wouldn’t worry about the glue lines being in the same place all around the cabinet. Like you said, a properly fitted (key phrase) glue joint is stronger than the original wood.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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