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    John Poutier

    I just want to acknowledge Paul’s recent engagement in the forums; I very much appreciate his inputs on some of the comments. Paul obviously has a great deal on his plate as he balances this site, which focuses on the Masterclass curricula, with his blog which focuses on more general content. Very often answers to the questions presented both on WWMC forums and his blog can be found in previous posts. His patience is limitless and is a testament to his character and love of his craft. The man does not sleep as can be seen by the time of some of his responses. Paul, you and your team are one of a kind…thank you all.


    Yorktown, Virginia

    Charles Cleland

    +1… It’s nice to be able to ask questions.

    Washington State, USA
    My own humble blog:


    Couldn’t agree more. Well said.


    I concur. He loves people and the craft. Thank you.

    david o’sullivan

    well said john, what i like about these classes and forum is that from the beginning is how simple Paul make it work for the little guy on a very thigh budget i was always under the assumption that to become a half decent joiner one need all the latest high tech-equipment and machines or even top of the range hand tools that cost a mint,till i saw on you tube what i thought at first was a madman making a workbench in his backyard out of softwood and making comments that you can do 90% of all you planing with an old Stanley no.4 for £20 and coping 4 inch mortises with a $3 chisel is what attracted me and boy am i proud of my pine bench today. these classes are costing me less than €3 a week,i spend more on milk in a day. still trying to accumulate the minimalist tools but getting there. i am also very grateful to Paul and his team for this journey.

    "we can learn what to do, by doing" Aristotle


    Paul’s increased participation is fantastic. Hopefully with his US sabbatical he can afford more time to hang out.

    – I cannot overstate my appreciation of Paul’s minimal (and affordable) core set of tools. While a die-hard galoot may claim that they can make due with just a single chisel, saw, and hammer – Paul’s minimal set is a bit more realistic and practical kit of tools.

    -Scott Los Angeles

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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