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    Ken Dart

    I have been following Pauls blog on making a mallet to an old pattern he had and decided that my old mallet was looking a bit tired so i thought i would have a go at making a new one. I was cutting the handle to fit the head and when tapping out the handle from the head it shot across the workshop and hit the wall loosing a chip of oak from the head end of the handle..I planed a couple of flats on the head end of the handle where it was damaged and made up a couple of wedges  which were hammered in after fitting the handle  I am not sure if this is going to work but at the moment it seems solid.Anyway here is the result.

    Eddy Flynn

    great work Ken you will get many happy years chisel tapping out of that

    Eddy .. Liverpool, Merseyside, UK


    looks great!

    what type of wood did you use?  Osage, like what Paul uses, is one type of wood I can actually get here in Illinois at a very inexpensive price.  The old farmers/settlers in the area used osage to line there property as a border to keep there cattle correlled.


    I hope Paul and Joseph put together a video on making this mallet.  I tried making the head out of laminated maple board and tried using my auger bit to cut the holes for the mortise,  the bit just stopped drilling because I suspect the wood was just too hard or I need a different style of auger bit.  I chopped the remaining with my mortise chisel.   Shaping the handle to fit the wedged hole resulted in my handle looking like a triangle so I know I was doing something wrong.  I’m not understanding how to plane down the wedge to fit the mortise.


    Ken Dart

    Dan ,it’s made from an old piece of oak  that I had over from another project.The mallet is slightly smaller than Pauls to suit the material.I found it easier to make the handle slightly longer than needed and then oversize the top part of the handle.This gives a bit of leeway when planing the taper as you can cut off the length to suit after.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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