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    Colin Scowen

    Wasn’t courageous enough to post this in any of the main topics, given the large volume of posts are hand tool related. So, it sits here in off-topic 🙂

    I recently purchased a DW thickness planer. Today I was cleaning down some boards for a friend, and some of the boards had a lot of sap on the surfaces.
    That meant that in order for the boards to feed effectively and be pulled by the roller, I had to clean any obvious large amounts of sap off of the boards. But, there was still sap being smeared over the bed of the planer, which I would clean away with white spirits.
    I was thinking if there would be any relatively simple and consistent way to mitigate this.
    One thought was to build a bearing sled, another was to make a ridged base board. These would both have a lip on them so that they don’t get pulled through the planer at the same time as the board.
    I also toyed with the idea of taking some wallpaper and creating a loop of paper that went across the planer bed, and under the bench that the planer was mounted on. The idea being that the paper would move with the board, but because it was a loop, it would keep going round, regardless of the board length. This may have issues if the board was not straight, but I figure a roll of wallpaper is gonna cost me less in the long run than damaged rollers.
    Does anyone else have any jigs that they have used that do a similar thing?


    Here’s a simple fix:
    Don’t run dirty sap covered crap thru your planer… period.
    That will take care of your sled,base board and wallpaper question.
    Read and follow the instructions that came with your planer.
    You’ll probably get lots of other advice, keep in mind they’re not responsible for your safety.
    Good luck.

    SW Pennsylvania

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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