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    Bjarne Moen

    Hello boys and girls.

    I couldn’t be bothered to search through 1484 topics to maybe find an answe to my problems…

    I just got a close to mint Record 071. Paid far to much, but now it is here. I have been playing around with it in different woods, sycamore, oak and pine, whilst trying to sharpen it.. and here is the catch.
    How sharp do we need them to be? I realize that this is a question that resembles how much does a fish weigh? But I am still throwing it out here..

    Also, when I am using it across the grain, can I expect to get shavings like my no 4 or tearing, as with my chisels…

    Sharpening the original blade is truly a pain in the… should I just get the Veritas blade and holder??

    Any input and advice will be much appreciated.


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    Dionysios P


    Good morning,

    It’s suposed that the router blades do not need to be at the same level of sharpness as the chisels or bench planes, since the surface they leave is not going to be visible.

    Despite that fact I try to sharpen my router blades to the same level as my other planes and yes it’s a pain the first time you have to do it. After the first time and if you are careful and don’t damage the cutting edge badly (ie hiting a hidden nail or throwing it on the concrete floor like I did) subsequent honing is much easier.

    A good practice to preserve your router sharpness for loger is to remove the bulk of the waste with a chisel and take fewer and lighter shavings with the router.

    If the router blade is sharp and you take light shavings you should get shavings even across the grain (although you can’t avoid tearing in some cases).

    The Veritas blades are easier to hone with the use of their honing holder, but this applies only to the spear point blade and the 12mm blade. The narrower blades cannot be detached from the shank and sharpened with the honing holder.

    Hope this helps a bit.

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