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    For some of the projects I have planned a rebate plane is going to get a lot of use. Well, I did not have one, not until today that Is πŸ™‚ not new but in good condition, and I got it for a great price.

    Cheers πŸ˜‰


    Very nice. I was recently given a newer Stanley 78. It is a fair quality tool at best; serviceable but certainly not up to the high standards of some of the older makers/models but it came at the best price of all, free.

    I like the look of the adjuster and cap iron assembly on your record model. My stanley uses a lever that is positioned in an unfortunate way that makes it prone to unintentional adjustments during use.

    Anyway, looks like a clean tool in great shape. Enjoy. πŸ™‚


    Thanks Chris, yes, the 078 had the same lever adjuster, It was changed for the 778, I believe

    Greg Merritt

    Nice plane Ken. I too am in the market for a rebate plane. Older Stanley or maybe the Veritas. I’ve been hoping that Paul would address this kind of tool, but nothing yet. I added an auxiliary fence to my record 043 plow and can cut up to a 1/2″ rebate with that but cross grain is problematic with that setup.


    Thanks Greg, yeah the Veritas looks a nice plane, but well out of my price range just now.


    I bought a used ECE moving filister plane last year for around $80. Has a knicker for cross grain work, but does not have a skewed blade for the smoothest cross-grain cuts. Works well though…

    I also have one of these Stanley 13-050 plow planes that can be pressed into service as a rebate (and dado) plane up to 3/4″ I believe. Has an ugly plastic handle, and adjustments can be a bit stiff compared to a Veritas, but otherwise works very well and is versatile. I think you can get these in the UK for pretty cheap on fleabay. I’ve seen them sold in the UK for less than 30 pounds. In the US they sell at $50-$80.

    -Scott Los Angeles

    Mark Armstrong

    Nice Ken
    I have two Stanley 078 rebate planes. I do think the Record 778 a Far better Plane and I’m right in thinking it has two rods to hold fence.

    Dagenham, Essex, England


    Hi Mark, yes mate it has two fence rods.

    Cheers πŸ˜‰


    I hope you get good use from your rebate plane Ken. Maybe when you work out how to use it you will let me know. I am sure it must be me, but to start what happens to the screw adjuster if you use the blade in the forward position? There is no screw or lever adjust to align the cutting edge of the blade to the sole. If you don’t get the alignment right, after the first pass the sole is following a surface that is not parallel to the outside face of the piece. So you clamp a block to the outside of the piece and use the side face. wow that saves using the fence. So you take off the 2 rods and the fence. Then you have to take off the depth stop. Now you are planing to your scribed lines so not much problem for depth. You are going to finish with a hand router anyway. Back to how to lap so the blade cuts up to the line left by the nicker and is still parallel to the sole. Now another problem the shoulder is not really wonderful because the side of the plane dragged. For me it is a roughing tool for hogging out at best but way slower than a chisel which I believe you will finish the shoulder with anyway. I imagine this is where Paul would say your still looking for the right router Collet. Sorry for all this rain as I do think it is me at fault but I did want to share what I found.

    Michael Petre

    After years of frustration caused by issues with my 78 plane, and many tuning attempts, I gave up and started using the plain old unfenced wooden rebate planes a few weeks ago. They do work a treat if you keep the inside arris sharp and square.

    You basically mark the shoulder line with your marking gauge, then tip the arris in that mark and do a couple of light passes (essentially establishing a knife wall for your rebate). Then you gradually tip the plane back to horizontal and plane until you hit your depth line.

    I mainly use that plane for moulding work at the moment but plan to use it for casework as well in the future.

    John Guengerich Jr

    Hi Ken, WWMC mates.
    I purchased a mint Record 778 off ebay for $50 US. I haven’t used it yet and probably wont get the chance for a bit, moving and renovating current house, but I’m interested in hearing how yours works and any tuning that is necessary.


    Hey John,
    Not had a chance to use it yet, but I will keep you updated buddy.

    Cheers πŸ˜‰

    Eddy Flynn

    hi guys just won a stanley #5 and a #78 they are a bit tatty any tips on restoration/maintenance would be greatfully recieved

    Eddy .. Liverpool, Merseyside, UK

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