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    Hello all,
    I recently bought an used Record 9 1/2 quick release vise of ebay. It is well used, bit oily but complete and seem to be working. I will give it a full cleanup and will fit it to the bench I will be building shortly. One things that surprised me, though. The backlash seems to be quite large, almost 3/4 of a turn. Since I have no experience with this type of vises, I am wondering if this is normal? thanks for any feedback.


    By backlash I assume you mean the looseness that occurs in the screw when, for example, you loosen the vice after having clamped something. I have a record quick release (had it for years) and it has a good bit of looseness. I am not sure how much since I never really paid it much attention. I just assumed it was the sort of looseness that is found in the screw mechanisms of lots of woodworking tools, e.g., planes. (Think of how many turns it can take to engage the mechanism to move the blade in a plane or to raise or lower the blade in a router. In the case of the router, you can actually see the source of the looseness: the screw on the height adjustment mechanism works well in mine, but the slot in the blades that the mechanism engages is way too large. ) Some of this looseness will be the result of wear, but it is quite common in new tools too. I have periodically wondered if such looseness in new tools is intentional or the result of sloppy engineering and manufacture. I can imagine reasons to want a bit of looseness. In the case of the router, if the slot were snug it might be very hard to remove and change the blade on my veritas router plane. In the case of the vise, maybe if the tolerances were too small, the dirt and grime from a shop would jam the vise. Just speculating here.

    Benoît Van Noten

    On my vise, after disengaging the nut to use the “quick release” feature (in fact the quick adjustment), I have to make something like a half turn anti-clockwise to be sure the nut will re-engage. Otherwise the jaw will jump backward when trying to tighten it.


    I have the same issue with my Record quick release vise not re-engaging. It’s frustrating. If I press the quick release lever it will not re-engage without turning the bar back one turn, or popping the quick release lever. If one forgets to do this when tightening work in the vise, the jaws pop back and the wood will fall down or out of the jaws and potentially damage the work piece. I’ve tried oiling the quick release mechanism and checking alignment, but could never correct the issue.



    Is the handle standing proud of the front face at all?

    if it is, that might explain the slack as that would need to be pulled in before the vice jaws pull in.

    You can address that by taking the split pin off of the end cap (the thing that holds the two bars together at the far back of the vice) and packing it out with washers.

    Don’t overdo it though.



    I have recently installed a second hand Record and it has some looseness but it doesn’t affect how it works.
    After disassembling it for cleaning and putting it backk together I had problems with the quick release not engaging at the first try, as you mentioned.
    I retensioned the spring following the instructions in this video and now works great: (min 3:56)
    May that is of some help.

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