Recreate wooden elements of an old brace bits holder ?

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    Good morning,
    I hope it is the right place to post, and that I will be able to make clear my question, as my english is far from perfect. I have found a very nice auger bits holder (can’t remember the right name in english, in french it is “vilebrequin”), but it has two problems :
    – the knob (flat round piece at the top of the tool) is severely pitted (eaten ?) to the point it feels like paper towel
    – the handle (elongated piece of wood in the middle) is cracked
    The rest, though quite rusty, is very fonctionnal and salvageable. I’m confident I can restore all these metal part with some elbow grease, but I don’t kwon how it would be possible to recreate both the knob and the handle (as Paul has shown in his very nice videos about the front and tote of a plane) frim some nice rosewood I found, but I don’t know how it is possible to separate (no visible screw mecanism…) the parts.
    Is there some help I can find about this operation ?
    Thankd yoiu very much for your help.
    PS: I will try and post some pictures of this very nice tool soon if it is of interest

    Colin Scowen

    Bonjour, the English term is ‘Brace’, although some sites / videos also call it a hand drill. If you check the internet using those names you may find better information. I sent you a couple of links by private message, as the did not post in this reply.
    Lumberjocks did a post where they dismount the top handle by undoing 3 screws, but yours may be different. As I remember, the side handles tend to be renovated by splitting the old one off, shaping a new one, cutting it in half, and then gluing it back around the metal part.

    Colin, Czech Rep.

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    Dear Colin,

    Thank you very much . This is EXACTLY what I was looking for (what a great ressource this community is…). I’ll try and post here the link you gave me, in case it would help others :

    Replace a brace handle

    And yes, I would never have thought of the simple solution to split then reglue the handle around the shaft ! So clever 🙂

    Again, thank you so much.


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