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    Derek Long

    That’s looking really good for a first try and in pine, too.

    Derek Long
    Denver, Colorado


    I own a right and left handed plow plane and I got the same letter as Peter. I have been holding off doing anything until I hear more about the large combination plane.

    Jim Braun

    Looks good. Did you notice in the letter Lee valley sent that the depth stop modification was designed as part of their work on a “large combination: plane? Perhaps they will be releasing a Stanley 45/55 type of plane. Better start saving now!

    Sorry just saw @mtaylors reply about the combination plane, didn’t mean to duplicate.

    Monmouth County, New Jersey

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    I got my upgraded plane back in just a few days after dropping it at the local LV store.

    It looks to me that the upgrade is just running a bevel on one side of the skate. Someone handy with a file or with a machinist in the family might be able to DIY the upgrade.

    I plan to try my Stanley 45 beading blade in the upgraded plow plane. The grooving blades for the 45 fit the Veritas, so maybe the beading blade will fit too…

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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