Replacement Blades for Stanley transitional planes?

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    I have three Stanley transitional planes that I’m currently restoring.  They were my great grandfather’s planes.  For the past 50 years or so, they have largely served as decoration.  I’ve cleaned them up and I’d like to make them usable.  Unfortunately all the irons & chip breakers are terribly pitted so I’m going to need to find some replacements.

    I have two Stanley #35 planes and 1 Stanley #26.

    What irons & cap irons would you guys suggest I look into picking up (in the coming months) to get these things up to snuff?  I know there are a ton of things to consider, but I can’t seem to find any info specific to transitional planes.

    I’m not concerned about keeping them as collectors items, my great grandfather would prefer that they got used.  I’d also prefer to not pick up more planes off eBay.  I’ve already got several in various states of disrepair and the budget is pretty tight for my new hobby.



    Nathan Wertman (Grand Junction, CO, USA, 81507)

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    Nathan,  I do know Hock, Veritas makes replacement blades and chipbreakers for the typical metal bench planes.  I have no idea if transitional plane blades and breakers are different sizes though.  I would measure the he blades and then look through their websites.   A pitted breaker should not be a problem unless the pitting is right at the point where it meets the blade,  so you might be able to use it.


    Inactive   This site deals with transitional plane.  I have not looked at it closely.  I found it while looking for info on a #24.

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