Rough Sawn Softwood?

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    Hi everyone

    Just wanted to find out if any of you knew a place in Birmingham where I could buy rough sawn soft wood? I can only find the planed all round variety and I wanted to see what price difference there would be between the two.



    Any timber merchant will have sawn whitewood, try the likes of Travis Perkins in Birmingham. Or for a greater selection of species you could try the likes of James Latham, they have a place in Dudley. If you are new to joinery and timber merchants etc. Lathams may look a bit intimidating, don’t worry, they are easy to deal with. 18 months ago I bought enough western red cedar (WRC) from their Scottish depot to build a 16ft long strip plank canoe, and then I bought some sapele to make an oversized front door, all sawn timber. I didn’t need a trade account or anything. The soft woods Lathams have are: WRC, Southern yellow pine, Quebec yellow pine, pacific cost hemlock, clear Douglas fir, European Redwood (Pine/Scots Pine) and European Whitewood (Deal/Norway Spruce). If you look on their website you will see the sizes available, but not prices. They have only ever quoted prices to me in cubic meters. For hardwoods I would expect to pay £1300 – £1500 per cubic meter. Softwoods should be a bit cheaper, though my WRC was about £1490 per cubic meter. If you go to the likes of Lathams you might be getting “green” timber, i.e. it is pretty much straight from the forest and needs drying.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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