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    Anthony Murray

    I have received the hardware kit and am very pleased with it. I began my build and am finished apart from attaching the wooden knobs. However I have a problem with the adjustment mechanism it lowers the cutter easily but jams when I try to raise the cutter. Paul any ideas on how it could be settled to run smoothly in both directions love all your videos thanks in advance Anthony

    Jim Hazel

    I’m having the same problem with retracting the blade. I can’t see where it is binding but it locks up completely. Otherwise, the router is absolutely great. I miss the ability to preset the final depth that I have on my Veritas router but this router feels much more solid and seems a little easier for me to control. I really enjoy the larger base and the rigid blade.

    Paul Rowell

    I haven’t finished mine yet but my gut tells me to check the back of the tensioning bar. Maybe ease the corners of the edge with a fine file?


    It sure sounds like your slot for your blade is not parallel To your adjuster screw which would put it in a bind I had to take a little bit off the very bottom to get mine to run smooth

    Anthony Murray

    Thanks for all the replies I noticed the screw which the adjuster is screwed onto was not exactly in line with the cutter so gave it a tap with a rubber mallet until it lined up and n o w the mechanism l o were and raises easily. Just need to add the wooden knobs and the tool will be completed.

    David Ricketts

    The inside of the notches on the cutting blade are quite rough and I found this jammed the thumbscrew. To get the mechanism to work smoothly, I had to use a fine file to clean up the inside of the notches.. Finished up with sandpaper wrapped around a small file or paddle to polish the inside of the notches (up to 400 grit). . I too had to tap the adjuster screw to ensure it was parallel to the cutter. After these adjustments it works perfectly.

    Benoît Van Noten

    On mine, I have had to whack on the adjusting screw to make it parallel with the iron. (left-right and fore-aft).
    Where the turn button meets the iron, I also lightly filed the iron’s arrises with a small diamond file.
    IMO the parallelism is the most important factor.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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