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    Josh Bennetts

    Hello everybody, I recently found this old saw and was wondering if anybody had some information about it.
    I plan to restore it in the winter months.



    It’s a fairly common Spear & Jackson.
    Mid 1950’s – Mid 1960’s.

    The last of the UK mass-produced wooden-handled Sheffield-steel saws, before saw manufacturing went downhill. A middle market saw. Not as highly regarded or collectable as some, but much better than the plastic handled or throw-away saws which came later. You’ll be able to resharpen it and have a perfectly good saw for years to come.
    I own three, all about 1963-1967.

    Your contoured handle recess was later changed for a straighter shape.
    S&J Medallions were replaced with a sticky label.
    Some had embossed lettering on the handle.

    Your saw nuts are probably one-way push-fit rivets. Don’t try to remove them. It’ll destroy the wood and/or rivet. You can sometimes tap them tighter if they’re loose. Use a wooden dowell on both sides to prevent maring the rivet.

    The medallion is probably the screw-in type. Go gently. The threads are fine and fragile and they’re often rusted underneath. I removed my medallions, sanded around the rivets, then refinished the handles.

    I also removed the sharp edges with a spokeshave & file to make the handle more comfortable.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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