Saw teeth reshaping

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    Hi! i’m building two bow saws: i found them very fast and accurate. My question cxoncerns bow saw blades: there are not many to choose in the market. So i bought a 9 tpi cross cut. Now i want to resharpen the teeth in a way it become rip cut pattern teeth. How to do it?

    George Bridgeman

    Hi Carlo,
    You should be able to sharpen it just like a hand saw but you will have to hold the blade between two pieces of wood and secure it in your vise. Depending on how long the blade is, it could be quite difficult.
    Paul has a video here on how to sharpen rip cut teeth:
    There’s a really good video here on how Shannon Rogers sharpened the blade for his frame saw and how he made the saw vise:
    I’ve not sharpened bow saws before but if it’s made from spring steel (like regular hand saws) you’ll be fine. Hope this helps!

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    Hi George! It’s spring steel… today i’ll try… Thanks


    Paul offers a fine video as already mentioned.

    Beyond that, the “bible” of saw sharpening is at the “Vintage Saw” site. Take a look at this primer.


    Tools for working Wood sell different tpi blades for their bow saw. Well worth checking them out.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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