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    I also tend to have some back pain and was storing all my tools on wall shelves and hooks prior to the chest. If you raise the chest a few inches off the ground you will find that you are only slightly bending for the stuff on the floor of the chest. Your trays and rack (if you make one) are right there by your hand. The stuff you pick up most can be right at arms length.

    I have seen some chests in pictures on a small, low bench in the shop, but that didn’t really appeal to me. I put some nice, medium size casters (with a foot operated switch for the brakes, toggles very easily and chest will not move with the brakes on. $7 per at home depot. Larger than the ones in Schwarz tutorial video) that raise the chest about 4″ or so.

    If you are keeping saws in a till and planes on the floor of the chest the handles will be up off the floor a bit as well… meaning that you don’t have to bend too far. You keep them on the bench until you are done and the frequency of bending over is not that often.

    Ultimately, my fears of an aerobic workout while I was in the shop turned out to be a bit over-blown. YMMV, but I hope this info helps.


    Great project Jay)Thank you for sharing with us, and posting small video) Very nice.

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    Salko Safic

    I copied my tool chest wall cabinet from beecksvort if I spelt that right anyway LN had it for sale with all the tools in it for about $12,000 a bit pricy but I liked the design so I made one and then my shoulder plane fell out, followed by mt bull nose and lately but this was my fault for not putting it in properly my no.4. Luckily I was able to fix all the damage but I have rubber bands holding everything in place. So what I thought was a good design isn’t after all.

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    Here is an update on my chest project, with pictures, as requested.

    This is a bed I made for the planes so that they are raised and I can keep them set, easier to reach the totes, won’t slide into each other if the chest is moved, etc…

    This was made from scrap pine and poplar I had in the shop. It’s anchored to the wall of the chest with 2 small corner braces. If I ever want to remove it and put it on a table or shelf, or just change things in the chest, I just have to remove 2 screws.

    Pictures are the bed, then loaded with planes, then installed and loaded in the chest.

    Next I’m going to play around with the bottom sliding tray and make some compartments for my specialty planes.

    Having a lot of fun with this… thanks for looking.