Shaker style desk alarm clock

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    I would like to use the design of the Shaker style wall clock to make an alarm clock for next to my bed. I’m thinking something like the crude picture shown below. I have no idea were to find alarm clock inserts though. I’ve looked online and have so far not been able to find anything similar to what I need. What would be great is if I could cut out holes in the face of the clock that looked like this: “00:00” then I could put some kind of digital clock insert behind the face and the light would show through (kind of like a jack o’lantern). I might just have to buy an alarm clock and take it apart.


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    The coolest display for a wooden digital clock would be nixie tube digits.

    Google nixie clock and you find lots of info.


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    Jesper: I also stumbled across nixie tubes and think they would be one option. The other option I have found is to do something like this:

    I haven’t decided which I would like to do yet. My knowledge of electronics is too limited to attempt either option by myself but I have a cousin who might be able to help me.

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