Sharpening Files and Rasps

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    I’ve seen the posts about wood rasps and always think of the pile of old files and rasps I have stored in boxes around my house. I was wondering if they could be cleaned up and sharpened so I asked Google. One of the first responses listed was this Popular Woodworking blog post from Christopher Schwarz dated 10-24-2007:

    How Do I Sharpen a Rasp?

    The company he links to is Boggs Tool & File Sharpening Co. here in the US:

    The price list is here:

    They have an internet special of one free file sharpening for new customers.

    I’m going to send them a couple of large files or rasps that belonged to my Dad.


    I’ve seen old files turned into various types of knives. On the top of the blade you can still see the file teeth resulting in a neat looking blade. You can shape the blanks yourself if you have the right equipment. Google turns up a lot of knife makers that use old files and instructions on how to make knives yourself. There is also a guy in Memphis, TN that sells a ton of exotic burl blanks for those type of projects. Something to consider I guess.

    Jason Stair

    According to this website you can sharpen them by etching with a weak acid like vinegar.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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