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Sharpening large saws

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    Hi all, my mum bought these three saws today at a junk shop. Won’t get my hands on them for a few weeks, so can’t be sure of the condition. The saw plates look quite corroded. I’ve got two questions:

    1. What would the larger two saws typically be used for?
    2. How do you sharpen the larger two?



    The larger saws are usually used to cut logs in half. I don’t know how to sharpen that kind of saw.


    You mean rip cut them down the middle? I’ve got some small plum and apple trunks I’d like to get some small boards from, so that would be ideal.

    Matt McGrane

    I think those large saws are for cutting wet wood cross grain, such as for taking down small to medium sized trees. Not sure of the sharpening, but if you look carefully at the teeth, you may be able to figure it out.

    Matt, Northern California - Started a blog in 2016:


    Good ol one man cross cut saw. Probably get away using a single cut flat file on those monster teeth! Have fun bucking green logs lol

    Perhaps I'm Just Over Eager, Better to Curb the Enthusiasm

    Gareth Martin

    A nice pick-up by Mum. The two larger saws are in fact one or two man cutters. You notice on the top edge of each blade there are a couple of holes to attach the second handle. As such, with the handles missing, they are not complete. This is a good video on refubing such a saw:


    A flat file sounds like a good bet. I’ll see if the teeth can lead me. There was a Disston at the shop that had the extra handle at the end (a nasty lump of rusty pipe bolted on) but the main handle was badly cracked so I left that one (hope someone else saves it though). Thanks for the link to the video, I’ll check that out later tonight.

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