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    Matt Sims

    Rest assured, I don’t feel abused at all!
    Quite enjoying the debate… even if my “actual” question hasn’t been answered, except to read into it that perhaps there isn’t a definitive answer!

    Without getting into the nth decimal point of the detail, I’m UK based, but have family in US and have been there often… I have often, while there been queried as to why there are “5 quarts” in a UK gallon…

    Of course the answer is that there aren’t 5 quarts in a UK gallon… That is to say there are only 4 UK quarts in a UK gallon, just as there are 4 US quarts in a US gallon.
    In each case a “quart” is a quarter, i.e 1/4 of the respective gallon.
    Each gallon is 8 pints of the respective nation…

    However, the UK pint is 20 fluid ounces, the US pint is 16 fluid ounces. (One of the few, I presume there are others, where UK is bigger than US!) And a fluid ounce is a measure of volume, not weight, just to confuse everyone!

    The extrapolation from this is that a US gallon has 128 fluid ounces, and a UK gallon has 160 fluid ounces…

    So the fact is that a UK gallon is equal to 5 US quarts, but only 4 UK quarts.

    And a UK pint is, (very close to), 568ml

    And in the UK, when being served a pint of beer, lager, or Guinness, (or a half pint if appropriate), the measurement of the pint is to the top of the liquid, NOT including the “head”. Most pint glasses in pubs are calibrated as such, and have a line marked to show where the pint is… This often needs topping up in less efficient establishments!

    So that’s that!

    Oh… and the answer to my original question is???



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