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    Marc Casebolt

    Hi all,

    I am posting some sources for used tools in the US for you to check out. I have bought from E-bay and had good and bad luck. It’s often hard to tell exactly what you are bidding on condition wise, so it can be a bit of a crap shoot. These guys sell only good quality tools in good condition. I have bought from all of them and can recommend them as reliable and honest in my experience. I have no connection with them other than as a customer.
    This is a link to his web page where you can sign up for a monthly list of tools for sale. It is a massive list, and his descriptions of the tools are very informative and often really funny. If you want information on Stanley planes, he has a web site that is second to none for details and funny as heck. It’s called Patricks Blood and Gore (really), and this guy has done some homework.
    Another seller with lots of tools and info as well as an interesting way of doing business. You’ll find out if you order from him. It’s very nice to see that trust is not dead these days.
    This guy updates his large list of tools every Monday.
    A lot of us are looking to build up our tool kits and I think it helps to have reliable vendors to go to.
    Happy hunting,   Marc

    Doing the best I can with what I've got.


    I have purchased from Patrick Leach of the Supertool link and Walt at Brass City several times with great results. I never had the pleasure of meeting Patrick but have been to Walt’s shop up in Waterbury CT and he is a real nice guy to deal with and has a wealth of information. He found me a good user #8 for a good price that had a few dings that had nothing to do with the usability of the tool. I figure I saved enough on that purchase by getting a good user with a blemish that I was able to get my #3 with a Hock iron for the difference :)… For the record I got the #3 with the Hock iron for $50. So the plane was almost free if you calculate the price of the Hock iron in like new shape….John



    Thanks for revealing my secret sources of great used tools! Since I have all the tools I probably deserve, maybe you are doing me a favor… 😉

    Seriously, Patrick Leach and Jim Bode  both have great, often mint condition stuff that boggles the mind. Patrick’s newsletter comes in the wee hours on the west coast, so be on guard! Bode adds new stuff daily, which is unlike any other vendor I know. I cannot afford their asking prices, but that does not keep me from looking. Probably a great place for collectors and others who simply must have that vintage tool.

    I bought most of my Stanley planes from Sanford Moss when I started. Not a huge inventory, but fair pricing, and a great fellow to boot. I also check out Walt’s Brass City web site that you also mentioned every Monday morning, which also has fair prices, but you have to get there pretty early or else everything notable is sold or on hold. Also of note is Joshua Clark’s site. Joshua has some really nice stuff that generally appears  twice a month, and the prices are on par with Sandy and Walt. Highly recommended.

    I know of at least a dozen other online vendors of old tools,  but none are as remarkable in offerings or as fair in price.

    Another option is the tool auction. Martin J. Donnely  has several auctions in north east USA per year, and offers absentee bidding via the web. Well organized site. Often times you can bid on a complete grouping of Stanley Bailey bench planes in Good+ or better condition. Of course, auctioneer fees and shipping costs apply. Brown Tool Auctions also has online bidding, but not as robust a site or as frequent an auction schedule.

    I’ve also successfully bought some tools through the classified sections of the major woodworking forums. I usually only buy from repeat sellers who have a good reputation, and have never had a problem. Your milage may vary.

    Don’t forget to look for local tool swaps or other interest groups in your area.

    Good luck!

    -Scott Los Angeles

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