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    I was wondering if Paul is planning on doing a Technique video on sharpening crosscut/fleam teeth saws like he did for rip cut saws?

    I don’t know if others would be interested but given that the dovetail project is using 1/2 in and 3/8 stock could you also address resawing boards?  I don’t have any machines other than a cordless drill and would like to learn how to resaw boards using handsaws and/or bowsaws.



    Good question Dave, i am also very interested in resawing with handsaws and like to know what the best way is to do this.

    Lopik - Netherlands


    I was hoping to pose  this question shortly too! I’m really keen on a “using a Stanley 50 Plane” video and also a “how to sharpen gouges” video

    Israel Grober

    I am new in this and I am looking to start working with wood .

    It would be nice if  Paul made a video for beginners and explained the recommended tools needed  .

    Does any one knows .????? IS Grober



    Israel,  if you can find Pauls book it describes all the basic tools and takes you through several projects showing how to use them.



    Yeah I would be intrested in a videos all about sawing cross cut and ripping by hand and learning proper technique. I recently decided to only build with hand tools and am realizing what little space is need for a hand tool shop. Mine is only 10′ x 10′ lol.

    "the heart of a craftsman lies within his hands"



    Here’s a link to Paul’s book and DVD set on Amazon.  It’s a very good teaching/learning tool.

    As Dave mentioned, the book covers the tools you’ll need to start out.  The DVDs address them as they’re being used for the particular tasks at hand.  The complete set is very good.  I recommend it highly.

    Texas, USA


    I know Joseph and Paul are busy but are these two techniques something you are planning in the future?  It would be great to see these.


    Joseph Sellers

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for all the posts. We will keep adding videos to the tools/techniques section. I cannot promise the order that we will add them but I can say that the requests you make will make a difference. We will try to make sure we get to these requests early on in our next filming season.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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