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    Joseph Sellers

    Hey guys,

    We have one more week on the dovetail box project but then…

    We have been trying to choose the projects based on your feedback. When we first said we were going to do the rocking chair next the majority of you said it was too big a project too soon. We listened and have stuck with some smaller projects. Last weeks episode 7 of the box series someone posted saying that they were concerned we were getting repetitive with techniques. You can’t please all the people all the time…

    However, we think this is valid feedback so when we needed to decide what project to do next we have decided to do the coffee table.

    It is a great project and we are excited about it. It is a brand new design so I can’t post photos because it isn’t finished yet (we will post some drawings soon).

    In this project we will be introducing two major new techniques. Laminating narrow boards to a make a wider top and mortise and tenon joints.

    For those of you that are worried about progressing to a more complicated project? Don’t worry. We will keep presenting every video with care and consideration for each one of you. We honestly don’t think anyone will be left behind. Remember, it will be a bigger project but bigger does not necessarily mean more complicated.

    P.S. We will be posting a full cutting list in the next 48 hours.

    Steve Follis

    Looking forward to it Joseph!


    Memphis, Tennessee


    Thanks Joseph, coffee table sounds good. Nice job


    Does it have drawers? It would be great if Paul showed us how to do half blind dovetails and drawer making.


    Joseph Sellers


    We do not plan for this project to have drawers as a main feature. However, we have talked about one of the projects in the near future being some kind of tool box. This would certainly have half-blind dovetails and drawers. I don’t anticipate that you would have too long to wait to see that.



    Texas, USA

    John Poutier

    I’m excited about the coffee table …watching Paul teach and then trying the projects myself is like reading a good book; I need to do it over and over again to get the most out of it.

    Yorktown, Virginia


    Just my 2 cents here. I know a lot of people are probably chomping at the bit for bigger and more advanced projects, but I look at thissite as sort of a modern apprenticeship program. Starting with the basics, mastering them and then moving on to bigger and more complex projects. Mastering the methods with projects that build skills. It allows you to become comfortablek with the joints and operations before stepping into something with more “risk”. For example, it is much better to master the dovetail with the chisel boxes so if you mess up you only ruined a few hours work and a couple bucks of materials. It would be tough to try to learn dovetailing building a heirloom blanket chest.

    That being said, I think the coffee table would be a great next project to further build our skills.



    norm lafond

    For me, this is a perfect next step.  This project gives me more time to become adept at using the planes and chisels Mr. Summers has introduced so far.


    Mr. Summers knows what’s good for us 😉

    I am looking forward to the cutting list!


    I enjoy working wood in Germany.

    Greg Jones

    Sounds great-looking forward to the table project!


    Can’t wait.

    Lopik - Netherlands


    Very excited about this one.  Keep up the great work.


    What a coincidence. I am “designing” a coffee table at the moment which will be my next major project. I do have to consider my wife’s taste, so that we meet somewhere in the middle. I hope she and I like Paul’s design. The timing is perfect. Looking forward to it.


    YES!, I need a new coffee table. Can’t wait. I assume the fitted lid for the box is next in this series?

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