The Stanley No. 77 Doweling Machine

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    Matt Mahan

    Anyone ever come across one of these fellas?Thought I’d drop a few photos here of this little gem from a century ago, as you don’t see a ton of info on these machines. I scored this old No. 77 Dowel maker a while back and have been fixing it up/replacing missing parts over the last couple of months. Put it through some trials today with the nastiest looking hickory stick in my shop and, even with a half-sharp blade, the fella chopped that stick into a passable dowel…. And why fun it was to use! I found that this machine wants speed, not torque – so more rpm and no forcing the stock in. Just kind of get your right arm whirring around and the left gently guides in the square stock. Chips fly immediately, and out comes your dowel!


    Wow,, never saw one of those before. Pretty cool

    Joost Borst

    That is one hell of a cool tool, I keep being amazed about the solutions they came up with in the past before everything was motorized/computerized.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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